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Pool Services

If you are a pool owner that has a large investment in their backyard where they feel they need a new service company or may just not be happy with their existing company, than contact FMP Property Maintenance Department today. Our pool cleaning department will strive to help you enjoy your backyard living space again. We take pride in paying careful attention to detail. As a client of FMP Property Maintenance Department, you will no longer be the one worrying over the condition of the pool water, balancing the chemicals, or making sure your pool deck is clean for guests to walk on.

An Investment should be Stress Free, Allow the professionals to provide you the care you need for you backyard enviroment. 

Our pool cleaning and maintenance service includes:

  • Test and adjust chemical levels, adding the necessary chemicals to keep the water in balance to avoid damage to the surface of the pool/spa/water feature or damage to the equipment

  • Skim the pool to remove all debris from the water surface

  • Brush the pool tile as well as the interior walls

  • Empty the skimmer and pump baskets

  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool / spa

  • Backwash as needed

  • Deliver needed chemicals for balancing / Remove all Chemical trash

  • Clean rails and diving boards as needed

  • Blow off surrounding pool deck surface.


Optional services include:

  • Acid washing of swimming pool or spa for green pools, scale damage, or mud filled pools

  • Hand cleaning of pool or spa tile

  • Replace pool filter cartridge or clean pool filter cartridge as necessary

  • Pool cleaner repairs

  • Pool Clean-Ups for pools that are dark green, brown, and/or black. Pool Clean-Ups are for clients that wish to clean the water chemically and not drain their pool and refill the pool with fresh water

  • Pool Liner Resets

  • Spa Drain & Clean

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